The Annual Dental Congress and Swedental

The main event for the Swedish dental industry.

The main event for the Swedish dental industry.

There is simply no substitute for a face-to-face event. And nowhere more so than in the field of odontology. By far the largest exhibition and congress for dental and oral health in Scandinavia, the Annual Swedish Dental Congress and Swedental is therefore an absolute must for every professional in the sector.

It is a pleasure to welcome all exhibitors, visitors and congress attendants to Gothenburg. During three days you will meet customers, establish new business contacts and socialize with fellow-practitioners! Plus the fact that much of the city’s entertainment, dining and shopping amenities are within walking distance of the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Center.

With dental professionals under greater time pressure and greater public scrutiny than ever, this exhibition and congress presents a unique opportunity to catch up and get a glimpse of the future. That’s why we will have a special focus on all topics surrounding digitalization in dental care this year.

An important further aspect of Swedental is the opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues, and make new ones.


Products shown at the fair

• Care givers
• Clinic and surgery equipment
• Clinic and laboratory fittings
• Computer equipment
• Consumables, hand instruments
• Dental records, office and computer aids
• Dental technical consumables, hand instruments
• Dental technical equipment
• Dental technical work

• Economics and administration
• Hygiene products
• Implant products and systems
• Kitchenette and waiting room fittings
• Pharmaceutical products
• Professional literature
• Protective clothing and workwear
• Recruitment